Pushfit Waste Fittings

Pushfit Waste Fittings

Using Pushfit Waste Fittings To Combine Pipes

Push fit waste pipes are commonly used with baths and sinks to transport waste. Due to their polypropylene construction, they are easy to work with, making them a godsend for amateur plumbers and enthusiasts of the DIY movement. These pipes can be joined easily with the help of pushfit waste fittings, which contain a thin rubber collar called an “O” ring that creates a seal that keeps water from escaping. If you want to learn how to join these pipes with the fittings, read the following information.

Joining pipes with these fittings is as easy is giving them a push. First start with a pipe that has been cut to the necessary length. A piece of cardboard can be used to measure and mark a straight line for the cut to be made. Make the cut with a hacksaw and use a file or fine grade sandpaper to clear away any burrs to prevent them from ruining the “O” ring.

Pushfit Waste Fittings

Apply silicone spray or grease to one of the cut pipes to give it enough lubrication to make it through the “O” ring inside the fitting. Then push the pipe through opening of the fitting until it reaches the pipe stop. Add silicone spray or grease to the other pipe and push it into the fitting as well.

Once the pipes have been joined with the fitting, the water tight seal between the “O” ring and the pipes will keep the pipes together, providing a connection that will last for years. When using multiple pipes that are joined by fittings, saddles clips can be used to hold them in place and keep them from sagging.

By using pushfit waste fittings and the above information, you should be able to complete any DIY projects that call for push fit waste pipes to be used.

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