Pro Tips for e-commerce merchants using BlueSnap’s Payment Gateway

Pro Tips for e-commerce merchants using BlueSnap’s Payment Gateway

How To Use Bluesnap In a Best Way Possible

BlueSnap is one of the most popular payment gateways out there. If you are an e-commerce merchant, it’s important to know what both the pros and cons are when deciding if this service is right for you. Some benefits of BlueSnap include low pricing, fraud protection, and PCI compliance.

First, BlueSnap is very affordable. If you’re looking for a simple and efficient way to accept different types of payments, BlueSnap will be on the lower end on pricing as compared with other payment gateways.

Second, they offer fraud protection – this means if there are any chargebacks or disputes from customers after making purchases using your site’s digital wallet, those transactions won’t appear in your account- which helps keep it clear of negative balances/debts.


Last but not least, PCI compliance ensures that all data transmitted between merchants’ stores and their processing gateway meets industry standards for security levels. This makes sure sensitive information stays out of hackers hands when its being sent across public networks outside the company firewall.

However, there are a few cons of using BlueSnap as well.

One is that they aren’t able to accept all types of digital currencies, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This means you won’t be able to receive payments from these sources through your website if this feature is a priority for you/your business model.

Another factor to consider with BlueSnap is their lack of reporting features available within the dashboard itself- instead it’s necessary to use third party tools in order collect information on how much revenue has been generated from transactions or track customer behavior patterns online. In addition, there isn’t any customizable shopping cart options which makes it difficult when trying sell various products at once without having shoppers add them individually into their carts before checking out.

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