Dupuytren’s Disease

Dupuytren’s Disease

A Disease That Affects The Fingers

Every part of the body must be healthy for people to function properly throughout life. If something goes wrong, it automatically affects every condition of the body, both mental and physical.

Dupuytren’s disease is a disease that occurs in the fingers of the hand. It comes from the permanent bending of the fingers the way of the palm, with the impossibility of stretching. Subcutaneous nodules or lumps form that disrupts the work of the fingers. The disease most often begins after 40 years of age, with the gradual appearance of nodules on the palms, and then the disease gradually spreads and the fingers bend. As medicine has advanced in the 21st century, there is a cure for this disease. They say that the cause of the disease is unknown, but there is a hereditary theory that it occurs when someone is diabetic, alcoholic, has epilepsy, it can occur even after you injure your hand.

Dupuytren's Disease

They have a solution in the form of creams that are applied to the hands and in the form of surgery. If the disease is detected in time, you can use the cream and apply it to the place where subcutaneous thickenings appear on the palm, subcutaneous bands on the palm, and when the function of your hand begins to decrease. These are also some of the symptoms that occur due to this disease. You can order the cream on the market and it is not very expensive.

Dupuytren’s disease is rare in children but can occur prematurely in diabetics. Don’t wait and think about what’s next, bumps and nodules are palpable and visible to the naked eye, so you can react in time.

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